Work Blood Pressure Mobile

HoMedics — Walmart — Walgreens

Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure app for the health conscious.

The Brief

Build a few mobile apps that integrate with the blood pressure cuff(s) on the shelf.

Our Role

Product Owner, Full UX/UI Design, iOS Development, Android Development.


5 Cuffs
3 Unique Apps
2 Secure Profiles
1 Common Theme

When HoMedics engaged our team to create an advanced bluetooth-enabled mobile app for at-home blood pressure tracking, we started gathering data.

In integrated, capable mobile app that can be repurposed and rebranded for the shared trio of Walgreens, Walmart, & HoMedics, we put our heads together, ideating the infrastructure to allow for swift advances.

Such a  methodology to allow for flexible development for new epics using a core, shared library. Each mobile app accommodated for 2 users to sync up to 3 blood pressure devices.


Make it Simple.

The challenge of this project was to take a complicated process, riddled with pitfalls, and make it easy enough for the anti-tech target demographic to use daily. Let's face it, taking blood pressure is "un-fun" enough, and by adding a layer on top, it can end up being flat-out sucky. In the end, our team succeeded in motivating a demographic that is already uncomfortable with technology to use Bluetooth™ technology successfully.


The three apps yielded a combined average rating of 4.9 across the stores.