Work Tupelo Honey


Biscuits & mimosas rebranded.

Crafting a website as warm and comforting as a freshly baked, honey-buttered biscuit warming the palm of your hand. Hello, Tupelo.

The Brief

Lead the digital arm of the Tupelo Honey rebrand campaign – paving the way for a beautiful expansion.

Our Role

Digital Design, WordPress, SEO, API Integrations


A Cult-Following of Southern Hospitality

Tupelo Honey has grown a cult following bigger than their kitchen's fried green tomatoes, and they are growing fast. Experience this yourself by showing up to the flagship location in downtown Asheville, NC, and expect to be greeted with a long line of hopefuls waiting eagerly and patiently for a table to patron.



Smooth, fluid, and organic experience.

With a culture so potent, we set out to sculpt more than another restaurant website; this needed to be an experience. To accomplish this, our team strategically created fluid interactions at every turn, providing depth as you navigated down the pages and into the sections.